So then, your offer has been accepted, the mortgage has been approved and all the paperwork is in the hands of your solicitors and moving towards completion.
Congratulations, you're almost there!

Now it's time to find a professional Guernsey Removals Company with years of experience, friendly staff and unparalleled customer service to make your moving experience as enjoyable as it should be.

To make this happen you will need an experienced move manager to coordinate your entire removal while you concentrate on other things concerned with moving house. You deserve to have the strain taken out of your hands and placed firmly in ours.

Asides from our polite, presentable staff and their expert handling methods, we use the best materials available and also dismantle and reassemble any furniture required for access purposes and safe transportation needs. Believe me! Building your bed is the last thing you will feel like doing on moving day!

Professional Guernsey Removals Company | Years of Experience | Friendly Staff | Furniture Dismantled and Reassembled

Relocation Consultants

Asides from the removal and considering everything that hasto be arranged when relocating to a new post, we can go the extra mile by offering more than just a bog-standard removal and storage service.

Our all-inclusive moving home package delivers reassurance because we can project manage the following services related to moving house on your behalf.

  • Cleaners – As per requirement
  • Gardening – As per requirement
  • Ton Bags/Skip Hire – De-cluttering before or after your move
  • Plumbing – Disconnecting appliances etc.
  • Unpacking Service – To unpack boxes and removal of packing debris
  • Self-Catering Accommodation

Imagine all of the services listed above being project managed around your removal crew by a one point of contact ‘Relocation Consultant’ with the responsibility and communications ascending from one voice. Yes! It would make life a lot easier during what’s often considered as an upheaval.

You can move with us without lifting a finger, and we can prove it to you!

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