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Why use RationalFX instead of my bank?

Since 2005, RationalFX have been using their experience and knowledge and can save you money of up to 4% more than the banks. Not only is this a financial game changer at any time, and for any reason, it’s also perfect when moving abroad and you have to transfer the funds from your house sale.

RationalFX know how foreign exchange and overseas money transfers can seem complicated, so they take the time to understand your requirements, which helps them suggest the best way to maximise the value of your currency transfer. 

Andy Sadler (pictured) is our contact at RationalFX and he would also be your human point of contact. He’s familiar with the process of moving abroad and has years of experience helping clients transferring or receiving funds from abroad.

When moving is involved, usually the amount saved by Andy’s expertise covers the cost of the entire relocation, so you’re effectively moving overseas for free! And in profit… so don’t overlook this without atleast getting a free quote.

The team at RationalFX are finding the most competitive exchange rates and saving money for people like yourselves everyday. 

Examples below based on Guernsey’s average house sale (£425,000) in 2020:

If RationalFX saves you 1% on £425,000  – that’s £4,250 saved!

If RationalFX saves you 2% on £425,000 – that’s £8,500 saved! 

If RationalFX saves you 3% on £425,000 – that’s £12,750 saved! 

If RationalFX saves you 4% on £425,000– that’s £17,000 saved!

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