Guernsey Property Market – The 50% Climb

Guernsey Property Market – The 50% Climb

Following a recent post by Swoffers Estate Agents, Guernsey’s Property Market has risen by 50% over the last 2 years. 

Guernsey Property sales climbing for 2 years in a row is great news. So much so, some Estate Agents are concerned they will run out of houses to sell! The way the current market is shaping up, it seems like selling now is one of the best times since the economy crash back in 2008. So if you’re thinking of selling, what are you waiting for?

It always surprises people that peak moving season is July, August & September. But this is the trend year after year without fail. It follows the many sales completing in April/May time, and after all the boundary issues have been resolved. It’s commonly known as the ‘spring bounce’. 

Before we know it, there will be large moving chains all exchanging keys on the same day, and all of them needing a moving service. We’ll receive some panic stricken calls because all the local moving company’s are booked up and can’t service their move. 

Why not talk to us today so we can gather the basic details of your move.

We’re expecting to be inundated with local house moves in 2020. So if your house is under offer or simply on the market, simply contact us and let us make a plan for your move.

Here’s a quick video about how the move works around the court dates:

Book a free appointment with us at your earliest opportunity now! Don’t miss out!

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