Paradise in Guernsey is just a conversation away!

Paradise in Guernsey is just a conversation away!

Are you ready to make the paradise island of Guernsey your new home? 

The beautiful Channel Island of Guernsey is a paradise if you like stunning coastlines, internationally lauded beaches, and the local history living in the stones of the island’s many glorious homes. But moving there requires a specialist removals service. 

Despite its natural beauty, Guernsey is no hermitage: the island is home to 60,000 people and has all the mod cons you’d expect from a small English town. And for islanders who want a little variety, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, France, and the UK – are all just a stone’s throw away.

Although Guernsey is unique in many ways, it’s still unmistakably British. And that makes it such an easy place for UK residents to move to. However, there are pitfalls that prospective island-dwellers should be aware of.

The English Channel: Sailing schedules

For a start, the English Channel is home to unique tides, and sailing conditions can be affected by the weather. Sensible project management by professionals who know the various options for moving goods, and the likely timeframe in which it can happen, is a must.

It’s also crucial to ensure that the correct paperwork is provided to customs. Guernsey is British, but as a Crown Dependency, it is not part of the UK. This means it has its own government, laws, and bureaucracy. Familiarity with the “red tape” moving involves is indispensible.

And once you get to Guernsey, the difficulties are not necessarily over. The island’s narrow, winding, lanes (once ambled by great artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir on his way to paint local beach Moulin Huet) are totally unsuited to the kind of oversized vehicles non-local removals companies are used to using.

Let us help you… 

Our team want your moving experience to be as seamless as possible. We’ll provide you with a fixed quotation that includes transit insurance, a full packing service, and dismantling/reassembling of all furniture.

We also handle all customs documentation, (including the customs C15 form) to guarantee your move goes smoothly.

If you want to learn more about moving to Guernsey, contact us or call us on 01481 244305.


Paradise is just a conversation away!


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