How Do I Get A Removals Quote

How Do I Get A Removals Quote

It’s official. You’re moving home.

How exciting that the dream of your house move has finally made its way into reality.

It’s at this point that the waves of overwhelm start to slowly and surely move in on you right.

Not only because you now have a ton of new things to sort out in order to make the move to your new home, but because all of your furniture suddenly seems to be looking at you, as if to say, “how are you gonna deal with me?”

All the items in your home that you haven’t given a second thought to in years start making themselves known again. It’s like everything you’ve hidden at the back of your kitchen cupboards, under the stairs, and in the attic starts whispering to you when you’re dropping off to sleep. 

Having enough of the sleepless night, it dawns on you that packing up and physically carrying all of your furniture and possessions from one home to another would be sabotaging yourself. And you’d be right! You have MORE than enough to do!

And up pops the question, “How do I get a removals quote?”

So let’s answer the question for you…

All a removal company needs to know in order to give you a quote for moving is EXACTLY what needs to be moved, from what address, and to what address. That’s it!

Gone are the days where you had to call a moving company and agree on a mutually convenient time and date for them to meet you at your house to do this.

Nowadays, this is all done on screen on a quick zoom survey where you show the moving company around each room of your home via your phone – opening cupboards, showing them the loft and the shed items and so on.

Start now if you want….

Here, you can send us your basic move details by Filling Out A Quick Form that takes less than 2 minutes to complete, which then takes you to a booking page so you can book a video survey at a time that suits you.

We’ll then meet you face to face on the survey so you can show us everything that needs to be moved.

This gives us a clear picture of what the move entails, and allows us to send you a quotation and an action plan to consider by email.

So if you want a quote for your move, click on the wording Get a Free Quote and fill out the form. 

If your next question is, “How much do removals cost?”

Check out our Pricing Page.

Thanks and happy moving!

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