How Do You Move To Guernsey?

Having collaborated on hundreds of successful moves from the U.K. to Guernsey with Britannia Leatherbarrows since 2010, you don’t need to worry about us traveling from Guernsey to the U.K to start your move.

Britannia are an award winning, BAR registered moving company who are based in Bournemouth. 

This means a Britannia sign written vehicle and moving team will pack up, uplift and empty your home in the U.K. 

All of your furniture and boxes of possessions are carefully loaded into the Britannia container, and then it’s driven down to our shipping agent in Poole, who are Channel Seaways.

The container is then loaded onto the Trinity, which is the vessel that serves Guernsey, Alderney & Jersey with general cargo.

Once in Guernsey…

Your container is kept within the secure confines of the Guernsey Quay.

After Customs have cleared your goods, we cross load your goods from the container onto our vehicles, which are then driven to your Guernsey home so our moving team can put your items in the correct rooms of the house for you.

It’s worth noting here that the Guernsey side of the move takes TWICE as long as the U.K. side due to the double handling that HAS to happen in Guernsey.

This comes down to us having to use smaller vehicles than we’d like to make sure we comply with the Guernsey road laws and restrictions.

We can only dream of the day we turn up at a Guernsey residence with the container so we can simply unload it by handling the goods just the one time.

In the meantime…

We’ll stay envious of the movers in the U.K., who in most cases, have an easier ride. 

Can you feel the bitterness of the added blood, sweat and tears coming through right now?

Anyway, enough about our turmoil.

Here’s something for you…

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