How Much Do Removals Cost?

It’s no surprise that the first question on the lips of every person who’s thinking about using a Removals Company to help them move home is cost related. 

Of course, we all have a budget don’t we?

Knowing the exact price of the product or service we’re looking to buy in advance is helpful information. No one wants to enter the first stage of a long sales process if the cost is going to be way out of our budget. That would be a complete waste of everyones time. 

Having racked our brains for years trying to answer the question effectively, we’ve come to the conclusion that it only be answered in the same way.

So let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s tackle this head on right now! The best answer we’ve come up with is … IT DEPENDS. Are you glad you landed here? This is inside information. We don’t just pass this around anywhere you know…

In all seriousness, we’re not trying to be unhelpful, sarcastic or dodge the question here. We’ve written this post because we feel you’re owed a through explanation around the  mysterious subject of price.

Here are a few FACTS to support why our answer is vaguer than the RyanAir informations desk.

Every removal is different. The amount of vehicles, man power, packing materials and time required varies from move to move.  That’s right, no two house moves are the same. Every house move comes with its own set of unique challenges, deadlines and circumstances – and we’re sure yours does too.

Meaning the price of every removal service is different because the charges are based upon a wide range of variable factors – unlike some of the other costs associated with moving home.

For instance, we know the fees of Estate Agents range from 1-2% of each house sale, and that the Lawyers and Stamp Duty fees are around 4% of each house sale.

Let’s bring it to life by taking the average value of a Guernsey Property in 2022, which is £629,000.

  • House value – £629,000
  • Lawyers costs – £25,160
  • Estates Agents – £6,290 – £12,580

So then, with a reliable, simple and quick calculation based upon fixed factors, you can very easily calculate that it costs £31,450 – 38,190 for the admin aspect of moving home in 2022. 

Right then, so why isn’t the price to hire a Moving Company to handle the physical aspect of moving home as clear cut?

Well, what price would someone expect to pay to have every piece of heavy furniture they own carefully lifted and handled by the hands of 2 – 4 highly trained humans? 

To have these humans pick up every box of books, plates, pots, pans, glasses, clothes, toys, bedding, linen, ornaments and even the hoover, toaster and kettle. Everything BUT the kitchen sink springs to mind right.

To expect them to spend their precious energy lugging everything down and up the stairs, to and from the relevant rooms, and through the numerous tight door frames, hallways and staircases of two homes.

To see safely driven specialised heavy goods vehicles turn up on moving day with all the moving equipment, furniture pads and protective covers to hold and transport everything from one house to the next. 

To have an expert move manager do a visual assessment of what the move entails to ensure all bases are covered and there are no unwanted surprises on moving day – which is upfront work done for FREE so you end up with a quotation to consider and a personalised action plan.

That’s a lot of planning, man power, packing materials, moving equipment and vehicles needed right – some might say even more resources, more hours, and more items to negotiate than what the Estate Agents and Lawyers need to line upinteresting thought to ponder isn’t it? Especially when the one thing we do know is that the cost of a removal within Guernsey is often no where near 0.5% of the house sale price.

Here is a buying guide for moving home within Guernsey in 2022…

2 bedroom house typical removal costs

Self pack from £695 or from £900 with packing service 

3 bedroom house typical removal costs

Self pack from £900 or from £1390 with packing service 

4 bedroom house typical removal costs

Self pack from £1390 or from £2085 with packing service

Please note, if you’re exchanging your current and your new home on the same day, meaning access to your new home is restricted until 10am on either Tuesday or Thursday, and your current home has to be vacated by those same times, the cost of removals starts from double the prices of the above.

We’ve explained the reasons ‘why’ in the video below

Here is a list of factors that contribute to the price of moving home:

Vehicle Access

How close or far can the vehicle park to the front door or the best access of the house.(s) Obviously, the closer the vehicle is parked to the closest access point, the more efficient the process of moving items in and out of the house from and to the vehicle.

Number of stairs

How many steps up to the front door, within the house or the apartment block? Naturally, the amount of stairs involved in a move is a physical factor upon the moving team, which, during the course of the day causes them to tire and slow down to ensure the risk of damage to themselves, the goods and the property remains unlikely. We’ve all made simple mistakes that made us look and feel silly when we’ve been tired right?

Length of the carry 

How far do the movers need to walk with the items from the top floor of the house, the shed at the back of the garden, and or across the front patio? Again, a physical challenge to consider that relates back to the time and amount of man power needed to undertake an efficient professional move.

Packing Supplies

How many boxes worth of kitchen cupboard contents, wardrobe space, under stairs cupboards, display cabinets, bookshelves, eaves storage and linen cupboards are needed for your house move? Not to mention bubble wrap, tape, wrapping paper and furniture covers needed to protect the fragile items. 


How many beds, wardrobes, desks, dining tables need to be dismantled and reassembled? And what type… is it bunk beds, hydraulic storage beds, standard bed frames or sliding door wardrobes? 

Plant Pots/Trampolines/Goal Posts 

Because these items are not stackable items, this results in needing a lot more additional space, time and manpower in order to move these items. Please note that these items are not insurable for a house move because insurers have concluded that these items have been weathered, rusted and weakened by the elements – and they don’t travel well. 

Final recap and conclusion

Question, “How much do house removals cost?” 

Answer, “It depends.”

But we hope we’ve given you a valid explanation as to why that’s our answer.

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