Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy Birthday Luke!

Luke is our youngest mover who has recently celebrated his 17th Birthday.

He has already been with us for 6 x months and we’re delighted with the role Luke is playing in our company. 

And he’s happy too, “I’m really enjoying my role as a mover. The best thing about the job is being out and about on the roads exploring Guernsey, Jersey and the U.K.”



Seeing this young man excelling as a trainee mover is incredible. Even in this day and age, removals is still considered an unskilled profession (for some reason) but to make moving easy, there are plenty of skills to learn.

Carefully packing up breakables and export wrapping furniture for worldwide relocation are just examples of the skills he’s already mastered. Not to mention how to put customers at ease during the uncertain time of their house move – a delicate element of moving home that goes unseen and is often confused with stress.

‘I’ve learned how to stack vehicles and containers safely so the items cannot move in transit and shipment. I can also pack breakables safely into boxes using the tried and tested techniques of the moving industry.”


Moving on up!

But Luke won’t be stopping there. He’s keen to rise through the company by first becoming a driver and is already taking driving lessons.

“I would like to progress through the company into different roles so that I can learn other areas of the business”



Luke’s strength is his resilience.

Removals is physically and mentally exhausting due to the various deadlines our work entails. Yet he shows up everyday on time and is committed to fulfilling the company’s overtime demands.

He is a fast learner who works at an efficient pace to meet our customers court completion and exchange dates.

Luke has earned himself a special mention and we hope he stays with us for many years to come.


Keep up the great work Luke!

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