Looking to make the beautiful island of Jersey your new home?

Looking to make the beautiful island of Jersey your new home?


Relocate to Jersey

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Sitting in the heart of the English Channel, the beautiful island of Jersey is a paradise just waiting to be discovered. A stone’s throw from the United Kingdom and France, both can be reached in under an hour. But when it comes to making Jersey your new home, you would be well advised to use a specialist removals service.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, home to some 106,000 people. It has a host of natural features, like stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches. And these are perfectly complimented by its urban features, such as high-class restaurants and the famous Jersey Zoo (which you may have heard about through popular TV show My Family And Other Animals). There’s an incredible amount to see and do in Jersey, and the other Channel Islands (Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, and Herm) are just a hop across the water – perfect for a weekend away at short notice.

Jersey has a rich heritage all its own, but make no mistake: it’s undeniably British. Jersey is a Crown Dependency of Great Britain, meaning the local language is English and the local culture is intertwined with that of the UK. This shared identity makes it an easy place to move for Brits that like the finer things in life. However, there are a couple of factors that you should take into account before you start checking out the property market.

The unique challenges of island relocation

Jersey, like all the Channel Islands, is subject to the unique tides of the English Channel. As a result, sailing schedules can be affected by adverse weather conditions, and it’s vital that your removals service understands the impact that could make on your move. A seasoned project manager who is familiar with how and when goods travel between the islands and the “mainland” is indispensable.

Getting your goods to Jersey is only half the battle, however. Jersey’s government is separate from the UK’s, and its legal system is based on not only English common law, but Norman customary law and French civil law. For that reason, it’s important that your Relocations service understands the unique bureaucracy and “red tape” associated with entering the island.

Once you’re on Jersey, the local landscape also presents unique challenges. Few English drivers, for example, will be used to the island’s filter system, the lower speed limits, or the Jersey highway code. The same is true of natural features, such as narrow lanes and steep cliff paths – neither of which are suitable for the kind of large vehicles that removal companies in the UK typically use.

The worst time to discover that your Relocations service is unprepared for these challenges is when they’re unloading a massive van off the ferry, two days late, and have become stuck at customs because they don’t have the right form. Thankfully, there is another way…

Let us help you

We want you to look back on your move to Jersey as a pleasant experience. We’ll provide you with a fixed quotation that includes transit insurance, a full packing service, and dismantling/reassembling of all furniture.

We also handle all customs documentation, (including the customs JCE 185 form) to guarantee your move goes smoothly.

If you want to learn more about moving to Jersey, contact us or call us on 01534 281100.


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