Move Comparison Sites Are A BAD IDEA!

Move Comparison Sites Are A BAD IDEA!

Touch screen technology gains more and more momentum as each day passes. People want instant answers and instant prices for everything nowadays, and moving home is no different. 

Except, it is different! And here’s why Move Comparison sites are a BAD IDEA!

You just can’t shop around online for moving services like you would the price of a TV. To explain, you could find the same TV and compare the price of the same product at 3/4 different stores. So here’s the problem…

Moving Services are not a product and they are never the same!

Why? Because not all movers are equal for a start! Let alone the moves themselves!

You can’t compare your move from your 3 x bed house with your friends move from a 3 x bed house. Why? Because you have different things. You have different stairs, different parking, different circumstances, different dismantling of beds/wardrobes requirements, different loft/ shed/garage space etc etc etc.

Moving Services are not straight forward. If they were, they wouldn’t continue turning into disaster when not managed by a professional eye.  

How to have a stress free moving experience.

Check the online reviews and then call/email/text your local moving company and speak to a human. I know it sounds strange speaking to a human in today’s world, but a human with years of actual moving experience who will plan your move to precision, is still a valuable resource. 

Not to mention you’ll receive bags of support and empathy throughout the entire process. Free advice, guidance, tips and tricks will also ease the strain of moving with pets, children, or the elderly. 

Technology is not stopping, that’s for sure. But the physical process of moving people’s belongings will remain the same for some time. To our knowledge, there has been very little evolution in how humans pick up large items of furniture apart from the use of moving aids. 

Don’t use Move Comparison sites!

These sites have been created by people who don’t operate moving companies. They won’t be around to pick up what’s left of your belongings and sanity come moving day! They’ll be too busy nickling down another mover in a bidding war, whereby you, the customer, suffers the consequences. 

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