Top 10 things to know about moving house

Top 10 things to know about moving house

We’ve all been there! Moving house can be a stressful and hectic experience, so we’ve put
together our top 10 tips to make life easier…

1. Find help early
The later you leave it the more stressful and messy it becomes! We can work alongside
you and advise from the start to ensure a simple and stress-free process.

2. De-clutter
The more items, the more expensive the removal and the more unpacking there is to do.
The last thing anyone wants to do is find a place for unwanted items after moving into a
new home.

3. Switch your utilities
Tell your utilities services where you’re moving so that you’re set up and ready. More
importantly, it ensures your aren’t paying for your old houses utilities.

4. Have a plan for children & pets
Moving day can be a dangerous and unpleasant environment for children and pets. Doors
are wedged open, heavy items are being carried, and home comforts are being removed.
Make life easier by considering children and pets in the process!

5. First night box
Pack essential items so you’re armed with all of your toiletries, special children’s teddies,
bedding and whatever else you’ll need on that first night in your new home.

6. Update your address
An easy one to forget, but it’s important to update your address so that people know where
to find you! There’s nothing more annoying than having to find postal deliveries at your
previous house.

7. Use the correct packing materials
Don’t start collecting crisps boxes from your local grocery store – these boxes will not
protect your items! Your valuables are important, so it’s worth investing in suitable

8. Check your house is properly cleared when you leave
Leaving something behind could prove costly. Several ‘idiot checks’ are essential and
worth your time. (How is it costly?)

9. Label boxes
If packing yourself, label the boxes with a rough description and a room name so the
removal company knows where to put things at your new house. A simple task that makes
life easier for everyone.

10. Follow moving checklist
Our moving checklist will take the mayhem out of your mind! Check it our here (link)

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Moving house soon? Perhaps relocating your business? Whether you’re local to Guernsey
or moving from abroad to our beautiful island, our friendly team can help to ensure it’s a
successful and enjoyable experience.

Get in touch to discuss the variety of ways we can provide a helping hand.

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