Moving Services Are Expensive Is A Myth!

Moving Services Are Expensive Is A Myth!

You’ve finally brought your dream home. 


With your hard earned deposit sitting against the mortgage, all the countless surveys signed and paid off, and the lawyers fees all settled, all that’s left to think about is movingin… but the budget is looking slim...

The overall cost of moving home is expensive.

There’s just no way round this one. Bills will fly at you from all unexpected angles. So making savings where you can is a sensible tactic when working with an ever diminishing budget.

But the biggest mistake people make is thinking a moving company merely moves furniture and boxes for them. So when they see the price of moving, they don’t consider the invaluable support and guidance they are going to receive throughout the process. Here’s why it’s worth every penny to hire professional movers.

Please don’t settle for the cheapest company you can find.

That would be like giving up. And you’ve come too far to put yourself through a disastrous moving experience. You owe it to yourself to make all of the effort and sacrifice worth it. 

Lets not forget, and with the greatest respect, you merely have a house made out of bricks and mortar at this point. Only with your belongings and sanity left intact can you make it your home. 

Here’s some overlooked things professional movers help you with:

  1. Full time office support answering all your questions.
  2. Capable of being flexible should your move date change.
  3. Supply all packing boxes and materials.
  4. Dismantle & reassemble any furniture required.
  5. Suspend parking or arrange road closure should the need arise.
  6. Collect the packing materials once you’ve unpacked at your leisure.
  7. Undertake a free move assessment and provide a free quotation.
  8. Make a free move plan that’s dedicated to you and your move.
  9. Provide full limited liability and extended insurance cover.
  10. Have 24hour Whatsapp messaging support.

Moving home doesn’t have to be as stressful as it needs to be!

Surely you want to look back on your house move as a pleasant memory?

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