Moving to Guernsey

Moving to Guernsey

On a regular Monday afternoon Mr C. called us with the question, “How do we move our belongings to Guernsey?”

Once we established Mr C. was calling from the UK, we outlined the process plan of moving home for him. We explained that although every house move is unique and comes with it’s own set of circumstances, our customers all take the exact same journey.

The Customer Journey

  1. Schedule An Appointment
  2. Allow Us To Make A Plan
  3. Let’s Execute The Plan Together
  4. Enjoy Your New Home

Schedule An Appointment

Because lots of land and and a small matter of the English Channel stood between us, the way we scheduled an appointment was by Whatsapp video survey.

When the time of the appointment came, we connected by Whatsapp video and as Mr. C gave us a guided tour of his home, we calculated the volume, the packing required, low ceilings, number of stairs and so on.

We ascertained what his ideal move schedule would look like and we asked if the were any other circumstances surrounding the move for planning. And like always, there were.

Mr C. had his cleaners booked to undertake an exit clean of his property in the afternoon of moving day. This was great information for us to ensure everything runs like clockwork with regards to the exit of his UK property.

Allow Us To Make A Plan

Safe in the knowledge that we had all the internal and external factors of the move, we drew up a plan and presented it to Mr C. by email. The plan included a move schedule, a guarantee, packing materials, customs forms, insurance, and special extras like dismantling and reassembling his bed frames.

The Move Schedule

  • Monday – Load All Items
  • Tuesday – Drive To Poole
  • Wednesday – Ship to Guernsey
  • Thursday – Deliver All Items To Guernsey Residence

Happy with the plan, Mr C. clicked on the blue button (as instructed) from the email we sent, and up popped an online agreement.

He double checked everything was correct, selected the services he wanted, declared the estimated value of his goods, and accepted the agreement. It took him less than 1 minute to accept the agreement online.

Let’s Execute The Plan Together

Now with the plan in place the agreement instantly sitting in our system, it was time to start putting the plan to action.

We passed all the unique moving needs and details to our UK colleagues (Britannia Leatherbarrows) for them to schedule the packing and loading of Mr C. belongings from his house. We booked the sailing from Poole to Guernsey with Channel Seaways.

As Mr. C was packing the boxes himself, he purchased our downloadable e-book for £4.99 so he could prepare for our moving team arrived. He also sent back the Customs C15 form promptly so our office team could start pre-clearing his goods into Guernsey.

Because Mr. C was prepared and he kept all of his essential travel items (passports, keys, documentation) safely locked away, it was a breeze for our UK movers to write out the inventory of goods and load the container safely for transit.

The next day they drove down to Poole where the container was lifted from their vehicle and placed onto the vessel bound for Guernsey.

After the goods arrived and cleared customs, our Guernsey movers reloaded the goods from the container onto a smaller vehicle and completed the delivery to his new home. Because the vehicles used in Guernsey have to be small due to road restrictions, tight lanes and driveways, our movers did 3 x trips in total from the St. Peter Port Quay.

Enjoy Your New Home

With everything sitting into the relevant rooms of the house and all the beds rebuilt, all that’s left was unpacking of the boxes.

The following week Mr C. called us to say he was finished with the boxes so we sent someone around to collect them for him.

And that was that. Mr. C was delighted of the way we handled his move to Guernsey.

So much so, he left us an online review.

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