Moving with the times!

Moving with the times!

After a few years of being in the moving business I can see the use of technology is rapidly catching up on the traditional methods of engaging our customers.

The physical process of moving people’s belongings has largely remained the same. To my knowledge there has been very little evolution in how humans pick up and put down large items of furniture apart from the improved provision of packing materials and use of moving aids of course.

However, consumer trends are changing and today we live on-line. Rather than speak, we text or email. There are arguments on both sides on how we communicate with each other and these provide plenty of considerations when contacting a customer or colleague.

Picking up the telephone and making contact can be seen as providing a human point of contact or conversely it can be seen as putting someone ‘on the spot’.

By emailing or texting it allows the customer to respond on their own time. However, in the knowledge that we are all just touching distance away from our preferred method of communication (be it, Email, WhatsApp or Text Messaging) the longer the response time the more protracted and potentially irritating the conversation or negotiation can become!

So, in this minefield we tread carefully. We aim to embrace all forms of communication. We are busy creating processes and systems within our team to allow us to perform on all the media platforms. Mirroring customer behaviour and communication preferences is so important in maintaining and cultivating relationships in today’s digital world.

Once we have successfully navigated the communication, then comes the survey. Living in the Channel Islands a person survey is only as much as a 20 minute drive away and a visit to the home is still a great way to listen and respond to the needs of the customer. But what about the people moving from further afield into the Channel Islands? They still require the benefit of a survey and an assessment from local experts. Especially when considering the geography, logistics and customs clearance procedures on entering the islands.

That is why we have adopted the use of virtual technology to assist our customers during the moving process. Video surveying has become a great tool to enable us to engage with our customers from all over the world. We are able to survey a household with our customers at times and dates outside the normal working hours that are suitable to their circumstances and lifestyles, providing an easy-to-use and convenient customer centric experience that still enables us to engage, advise and assess all the necessary requirements of the moving process.

Conducting a survey leads to more accuracy, higher conversion rates and creates efficiencies with times from survey to quote reducing ever more to less than 24hrs.

We are embracing technology here at Relocations Worldwide and I can attest that far from dehumanising our customer relations it has in fact created more time for us to invest our time in improving the overall customer experience and being a service provider, this to me is what it is all about.

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