Moving Your Money For Less

Moving Your Money For Less

Save money today – Interested? 

So you’ve sold your home, you’re moving to another continent, and you have a number of international payments to make. 

If you’ve sent money overseas before, chances are you used your bank to make the transaction on your behalf. However, when it comes to currency exchange, don’t assume your bank will take care of you. There is a better way than using your bank. 

Save up to 4% compared with the bank

And by definition of better, we mean cheaper exchange rates, a quicker service, and a human point of contact to make it all a breeze for you. Having an account manager keeping a well informed watching eye on the velocity rates so you make the greatest saving is invaluable.

Saving you up to 4% compared with the bank! This number is a staggering result for you. So much so, let’s say it again just incase you missed it – Save up to 4% compare with the bank!

We save our customers thousands in liquid equity by simply referring them to our currency change provider, who are RationalFX

As a money transfer specialist company, RationalFX offer a range of products that help you make the most of your money

Pay for your Relocation from your profit – Yes, you can effectively move home for free!

The amount of savings you’ll make from the proceeds of a house sale will easily cover your relocations costs. And even better still, you’re still in profit. Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s real! 

If you don’t want to make great savings on your currency exchange, do not click here!

Risk or Reward

The only risk you run is losing a boat load of money by not getting involved earlier. 

With your own dedicated account manager as a your human point of contact, look no further and start now… 

In case you missed it earlier, an account manager is important as exchange rates fluctuate so getting the timing right of the transfers is crucial. Happy saving!

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