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Office Moves can seem daunting – especially if you have important documents that can’t go missing and a lot of furniture that needs to be dismantled and reassembled again. Time is money, and if you waste it trying to put desks back together again and finding those client details, your business isn’t running as efficiently as it could. That’s why it’s worth employing a professional removals service with experience in corporate relocations. Luckily, you have found one.

We have a long history of working with corporate partners to relocate their businesses around the island – a result we’re practiced in the art of moving offices quickly and efficiently. Perhaps most importantly, we do so with a minimum of hassle to you.

Planning is the number one consideration for a successful office move; organisation on the day is a close second. That’s why it’s vitally important that you have an experienced project manager in place who has done this kind of thing before. We can supply just such a person, along with friendly and well-trained staff.

We are used to dealing with numerical filing relocation, dismantling, reassembling, working to precise floor plans, and code tags. Taken together with our expert handling methods and top quality moving equipment, this makes us a hard service to beat. We can handle everything from fire proof safes to keyboards and monitors, we provide document crates for all your files, and we even have archive storage to hold any overflow! What more could you want?

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