Storage Solutions

We have storage locations in Guernsey, Jersey & Bournemouth. Equipped with regulated fire alarms, we keep our warehouse clean, dry, and pest-free to maintain a professional storage facility.

Whether you want to put a single item or the content of your family home into storage, we can accommodate your needs. We’ll store your goods for 5 days or 5 years – whatever you need, at a reasonable price. Our solutions are simple, and suitable for a wide range of needs, such as:

> When you’re between housing contracts
> When you’ve inherited family heirlooms you don’t have space for
> When you’re renovating your property
> If you’re home has suffered flood damage
> If you’re on away from home for extended periods, such as travelling on a gap year

If you need help looking after your belongings for any of the above reasons – or for any reason at all – we’d be happy to rent you a dedicated storage unit which you can either fill yourself, or have us fill for you through our competitively-priced “door to store” service.

How much space is in a dedicated storage unit?

Our storage units are roomy, to say the least. The dimensions of each unit are:

Height:  2,200mm
Length: 2,180mm
Width: 1,820mm

All in all, that’s 300 cubic feet of space in each unit!

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