The Top 4 Guernsey Removal Companies in 2022

The Top 4 Guernsey Removal Companies in 2022

If you’re moving home soon and you don’t relish the thought of uplifting the entire contents of your home, putting it all into a truck, and then placing everything into the correct rooms of your new home, you’re probably looking for a Guernsey Removal Company to do the heavy lifting for you – but which one?

One critical choice you’ll have to make involves selecting the right moving company who’ll get the job done with no hassle, no dramas, and within your timeframe. 

Because we strongly believe in answering the questions that are being asked within our service sector, we put together a list of the top 4 Guernsey Removal firms so you have an overview of what’s available and a non biased comparison.

The Top 4 Guernsey Removal Companies Are…

White & Company 

Founded in 1871, White & Company are a multinational moving company who continue to deliver first class moving home and storage services. They are founding members of the removals industry’s regulators, the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI. White & Company Guernsey operate out of a large storage facility that’s located along Pitronnerie Road in St. Peter Port. With their worldwide connections, state of the art packing materials and slick processes, you can rest assured that they can find a moving solution for you.

R & R Removals

The company is named after father and son team Roy & Roy, and Roy Snr started the company in 1973, with Roy (the son) joining in 1984.  The company now owns and operates 16 vehicles of various sizes in Guernsey, Jersey & the UK. They’re well respected in the Channel Islands and their highly trained staff have been with the company for a considerable amount of years. With a weekly service from Guernsey to the UK and 1 storage facility at Pitronnerie Road and another store along St. Georges Esplanade in St. Peter Port, R & R Removals are a company you can trust to do a good job.

AJ Removals 

Established in 1999 by Andy & John, the business is now run by John who has a great team of staff and a multitude of various sized vehicles that are well versed in making their way through the winding, twisting lanes of Guernsey. With a host of positive online reviews for their great work and upbeat nature, it’s safe to say that they would make moving home an easy going and fun experience for you.

Guernsey Removals

Being the newest company which is owned and operated by Kieron, Guernsey Removals bring a fresh perspective to local moving and delivery services. They also have storage solutions with their own warehouse which is located at Bouillon Lane in St. Peter Port. Kieron is extremely passionate about doing a great job for all of his customers. 

Hope you found this helpful

Wishing you well on your journey to find the best Guernsey Removals Company for you.

Just like to say that everyone mentioned have your best interests at heart and truly want to do a great job for you. Being a service based business on a very small island such as Guernsey means quality standards must be maintained to keep a good reputation and ultimately stay in business!

If you would like to learn more about our removals services and what sets our moving services apart, read Our Story and visit our Pricing Page.

Thanks and happy moving!

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